Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rules For Republicans

I am not claiming Republicans are dumb in general. They just seem to be dumb politically. The Democrats are lemmings running for a cliff to dive over and the Republicans are turning themselves into even more lemmings screaming "let's follow those Democrats over the cliff". 

I am not a Republican. I am a conservative. Since most Republicans are more conservative than almost all Democrats, I am stuck with the Republicans. But I want them to stand up and be conservative. I do not like it when they try to be as little conservative as they can be, lest they should offend a liberal.

So rule one: Don't worry about liberals. They are irrelevant. This is a center to conservative country. People will vote for a conservative when they express their ideas and plans clearly and intelligently.

Rule two: Don't come across as so conservative that you sound like an intolerant Luddite from the Flat Earth Society. Keep it within the limits of normal human experience.

Rule three: The Democrats will accuse you of being "at war with women". Look at the issues like contraception, abortion, and equal pay. Come up with a reasonable position on each one that doesn't prove the Democrats right. Write down the bullet points and memorize them, so that you don't get trapped when someone asks you a question. 

Rule four: To quote a well known politician, "don't do any stupid stuff". That may not be an adequate Presidential policy. But it is great personal policy for a candidate. In other words, don't get caught at 1 AM, naked, splashing around in a Washington D.C. fountain, with a hooker for a companion. It has happened.

Rule five: Don't try to be all things to all people. Pick three hot issues. I suggest jobs/the economy, the war on terrorism, and the issue of sealing our borders to protect our country. If you want an alternate or a fourth issue. How about the way our military has been intentionally degraded? Make the points. Hit them hard. And hit them continuously.

And here's a tip. If someone, especially a reporter, asks you a question off of those topics, find a way to answer the question using those topics. They can ask the question, you can choose the answer. Just speak lucidly.

I have watched winning campaigns and losing ones. The winning ones do pretty much what is outlined here. Campaign hard. Good luck.

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