Friday, September 19, 2014

Forest vs. Trees Once Again

I cannot decide if President Obama is the luckiest President ever, or the unluckiest. He is certainly the most inept and confused. There is nothing that has gone right in his administration. And don't say, "well the stock market has done well". That balloon just has yet to blow up.

His administration has been hit with scandal after scandal. Almost on a weekly basis. But as soon as the public starts to get justifiably irate about one thing, another thing comes along and drowns out the first. So trying to draw a bead on him is like the old penny arcade game. Just when you have the bear in your sights, he rears up, turns around, and goes the other way.

So these scandals get to be a blur in the public mind, even to those that pay attention. So the trees hide in the forest.

Most of these scandals need investigation. Some more than others. The misuse of the IRS and Benghazi both fall into that category. Bad things were done by our elected leaders and their appointees and we deserve to know exactly what and who. It really does still matter at this time. But investigations exist by serious people. We can just hope for complete success.

There is however one scandal that needs remediation more than it needs investigation. That is the scandal of the Veterans Administration's handling of veterans medical problems. I am neither an investigator nor a reporter. I opine. I have to trust the news for information. To get this news I go from the Drudge Report to the Daily Beast, with a lot of stops in between. I try to be careful what I believe because not all news sites are equal. 

The point is that I have seen nothing anyplace lately that makes me think that anything is improving in the veterans hospitals. There was a big to do when Robert McDonald was appointed Secretary. Speeches were made and promises were promised. 

Then that scandal went back and hid in the trees. There was a day where a reporter would be assigned something like this as a long term assignment. There would be a series of articles over a period of time. Maybe even a Sunday feature article. Are those days gone forever? It seems to me there is still a need. I just wish someone would report to us what is happening with those poor abused veterans.

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