Monday, September 29, 2014

An Islamic World

I was put in mind of writing this because of the recent beheading in Oklahoma. It was done in the name of Islam by a new convert. He was obviously taught a very fundamental Islam where every word of the Quran is considered the true and inviolate word of Allah as passed through the "true prophet, Muhammad". I was always told that that was a basic tenet of all Islam. Now we are told that there are some who do not accept the one hundred verses that tell Muslims to kill and harm unbelievers. If find this either confusing or deceiving.

But let us suppose that many years down the line Islam is successful and controls the world in a worldwide Caliphate. What would that world be like? The least courageous of the non-believers would have converted to Islam. They would give their new religion lip service and lead pretty miserable lives. Unless, of course, they had wealth. In a Muslim world, money talks. Those that wouldn't covert would be dead in communal blood baths as peace loving Muslims cheered for their victory and the opportunity to purify the world by killing infidels.

The Caliph would be the supreme leader of both the religious and spiritual world. Under the Caliph the Ayatollahs would rule in their own bailiwicks. Purity police would roam the streets with the support of local Imams assuring society that all women out in public were accompanied by a male family member. And to protect society from a glimpse of female skin or hair lest Muslim men go mad with lust. Appropriate punishment of beating or stonings would be meted out for infractions. If the infraction was bad enough, the option of taking the woman to a private place and having their happy little band of heroes group ravage  her would be joyously carried out.

As there would be no more infidels in this perfect world, a proper education would be a life spent memorizing the Quran. All infidel schools like Oxford or Harvard or MIT would be no more. Technology would soon start to fail as new product disappeared. Those allowed to manufacture would run out of raw material. Camels and horses would once again become a commodity.

 Lifespans would shorten as the new world ran out of medical products. More and more areas would do without electricity, running water and proper waste treatment.

Suddenly the Shias would be referring to the Sunnis as infidel and vice versa. The Wahabis would despise them both. The attacks would begin. 

Slowly but surely the world would devolve to the point where Islam started. The seventh century. Welcome to "the Brave New Islamic World".

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