Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Half The Lies He Tells Aren't True

"I am a post partisan President." "You will be able to keep your doctor." "Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video." "ISIL is the JV team." "We have essentially destroyed Al Qaeda." "There wasn't even a smidgen of illegality." "ISIL presents no exitential threat." It goes on. And on.

This President lies to us. He has right from the beginning. He relies on short attention spans and an overly kind press to cover for his lies. The most blatant example, lately, was Steve Croft's interview with Obama on Sixty Minutes last Sunday night.

Barack Obama's ego wrote the narrative for an Obama Presidency before he was even elected. It is so ingrained in the President's psyche that he will accept no information contradicting that narrative as accurate.

Add that to the fact that the President appears to be hard work averse, there are problems. It has just come out that he has missed half of his intelligence briefings. With what is going on in today's world, how could he feel comfortable about that. But even if he attended half of those critical meetings he had to know what was going on with ISIL. He chose to ignore it. It didn't fit the narrative of ending hostilities in Iraq. 

Why does the government refer to every domestic atrocity committed by someone of the Islamic faith shouting Allahu akbar, workplace violence rather than domestic terrorism. It is not to keep the public calm. We get it. It is the old "if it walks like a duck" thing. No, it is because it doesn't fit Obama's narrative.

Thankfully the Generals, active and retired, are coming out with the truth and backing the President into a corner where he must act. But he is still doing as little as he can get away with. If I hear him say "no boots on the ground" one more time I will be violently ill. (Not really. I'm just making a point.) What I don't understand is the people dedicated to protecting him. He didn't have to throw James Clapper under the bus last week. Clapper took a running start and dove under the bus unassisted.

These are dangerous times in which we live. It is the Presidents sworn duty to see to the safety and security of the country. Barack Obama has done a second rate job of that. He has done a first rate job of protecting his personal narrative. The American people deserve better. As our quality of life erodes and the reputation of our country erodes, our President stands in front of TV cameras extolling what a great job he has done and how Americans should be grateful to him. I think not, because, come to think of it, all the lies he tells aren't true.

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