Monday, June 30, 2014

His Royal Highness The Clown Prince

Barack Obama is the first American President who, in the deepest darkest places in his heart, thinks he should be King. Of course, there were others that pushed the envelope. Richard Nixon comes to mind. But no one has made such a supreme attempt to nullify both the Congress and the courts as has Barack Obama. He is the first, in my memory anyway, to pair up with a totally subservient Attorney General to accomplish this elevation of his Presidential status.

In 2010 Obama donned his royal mien, robes would have been inappropriate, stood up to deliver his State of the Union message and publicly embarrassed the Supreme Court. It was a low shot, for  one reason. They could not publicly defend themselves. They had to sit there and take it. It was Obama's first attempt to diminish the Supreme Court and elevate himself above it. 

Previous Presidents who thought well of themselves still realized that they had to work with Congress to accomplish anything. In his first four years Obama had the blessing of a House and Senate completely controlled by his own party. He never had to work too hard at being President. They had effectively frozen out any Republican participation. All he had to do was suggest and others would make it so. In spite of that overriding power, they botched his healthcare mandate on multiple levels. Jobs never appeared but money, certainly, disappeared. The economy remained tanked and still remains tanked to this day.

At the mid-term elections, the voters wisely turned the house over to the Republicans. The Republicans, not so wisely, have not done well with the little power they were given. They did pass bills that would help the country. They sent them to the Senate, where Obama's tame majority leader, Harry Reid, assassinated them. The Democrats claim the Republicans are the party of no. Harry Reid is the Senator of stop. 

Actually it is the opposition's job to restrain an out of control President. They must say no a lot. That is the job they were elected to do, as the public slowly became aware that the President that they were promised was not the President they elected.

Now, the Royal Joker enters the picture. Surprisingly enough, it is the same Barack Obama. I must give him credit. If he had stayed out of politics, he could have made a living as a stand up comedian. He has the timing, the gestures, and the expressions down pat. It makes me wonder if he has had theatrical training. But, be that as it may, at the drop of a hat he can morph himself into Shecky Obama, comedian extrodinaire.

The problem is when he dons his pointy shoes, bells, and funny hat to become the Royal Joker, he becomes the royal whiner. "Poor me! Those awful Republicans won't do what I say! I'm smart and good. They're dumb and bad. If they'd just let me do even more of what I've been doing for six years we'd be living in Eden". Too bad, so sad. Whine away. Play the clown.

I think after six years of bad to worse, people have caught on. They have discovered that cool is not cool when you have a country to run. They realize that President Obama's words and his actions are seldom in sync. To those of you that have just caught on, welcome to the world of reality.

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