Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Wouldn't He?

The President takes an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Inherent in this oath is the expectancy that he will also preserve protect and defend the country and it's citizens. Why wouldn't he? After all he spent millions of dollars of other peoples money to gain the office. He spent months and months running for office. Pressing flesh, eating rubber chicken, and speechifying is not a task most folks enjoy.

A certain amount of leeway is allowed a President, once he is seated in the Oval Office. People allow him reasonable latitude for his personal agenda. But they expect him to be cognizant of their agenda also. Why wouldn't he?

A big industrialized country like the USA has needs. One of our biggest needs is fuel to generate the electricity, to power our automobiles, to move the engines of production. With the world in turmoil centered around the Middle East, the existing source of fossil fuels becomes questionable. But buried under our own and Canada's soil are sufficient reserves of oil, coal, and natural gas for the next century. Build the Keystone XL pipeline and dig and drill. Put together a positive energy plan until the next big innovation in energy. That is something a President could do. Why wouldn't he?

Americans love peace. They know that a big and powerful military preserves the peace. Unfortunately, to many politicians, and that includes Presidents, love to dabble in war and regime change in far away places. The last war that I can see any justification for is the Korean War. There are usually ways to deal with bad actors in foreign lands other than boots on the ground and bombs in the air. A President can keep us out of bad and dangerous situations like that. Why wouldn't he?

Americans want a secure country. To have a secure country the government must control the borders. Unsecured borders allow criminals and terrorists in, along with the flood of illegal aliens. A conscientious President wouldn't allow this. Why would he? 

Almost every American citizen fears the IRS. They have the power to destroy your business. They have the power to destroy you personally. And as opposed to criminal charges, you are considered guilty until you can, at your own expense, prove your innocence. To set an agency like this on honest taxpayers, with whom they disagree, is one of the lowest and most despicable things that a politician could do. A solid and upstanding President wouldn't allow it. Why would he?

There are many things that a President could do to bring back a sadly sagging economy. He could lower taxes. He could lighten the burden of over-regulation. He could eliminate the overwhelming confusion in business circles brought about by a convoluted and confused medical plan by just walking it backward. There are so many things that a serious President could do to live up to both the letter and spirit of his oath. Think about it. Why wouldn't he. 

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