Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Spy In The White House

Since the first cave man threw a rock at another cave man, mankind has been fighting. Small wars, big wars, they keep finding enemies to try to destroy. One thing that seems to be universal, is the desire to get a spy in the enemy camp. To know your enemy's plans is to assure their defeat.

Those that would wage war in the Middle East have a master spy in the White House.  Unfortunately, it happens to be the Commander in Chief of the United States Military. I am tired of writing about our President. I really am. But there is always something. I have been writing five articles a week and there is barely a day that goes by without at least a dishonorable mention for our POTUS.

His problem as Commander in Chief, as it is in so many areas, is that he is too political. That is the only mode in which he operates. He has no war fighting mode. Everything in his life is a positive or a negative politically.

To that end, when he thinks something, he must tell the public. When he does something, he must tell the public. When he thinks he might do something, he must tell the public. He knows in his own mind, that the public will be amazed by his brilliance and adore him. Will someone please have the stones to tell him it isn't working.

But that brings us to beautiful sandy Iraq where, not so suddenly, everything is going sideways. Mr. Obama announced we were pulling out of Iraq and not getting a Status of Forces Agreement. The Sunnis then huddled down, Mr. al Malaki kept silent and Americans went away. Immediately, Mr. al Malaki shut everyone but Shias out of the government and the Sunnis started building ISIS.

In the two plus years since the American pullout, ISIS, another al Qaeda affiliate, he gained strength and territory. Their desire to control the much desired Caliphate and their extreme violence has thrown even Iran into turmoil. Don't forget, ISIS is Sunni and Iran, like the Malaki government, is Shia. ISIS has so terrorized the much larger Iraqi army, that they have shed their uniforms and thrown down their weapons.

So Mr. Obama announces, "no boots on the ground" very publicly. Then he realized that he can't protect Americans in Iraq without a military presence. Then he announced 275 Marine will be sent to the embassy. How convenient. If ISIS gets to Baghdad, they will know who and how many will be protecting our embassy.

Then our President realizes that we can't spot targets without boots on the ground. So he announces another fifty Spec-ops guys will be sent in. And ISIS said, "thanks for the heads up". For those that don't know, let me explain a really cool special operations technique. It is called a HAHO parachute jump. They can exit a plane at high altitude twenty or more miles from the target site. They immediatly deploy their steerable chutes and sail that twenty miles and land covertly. No one even knows that they are there. Unless the President announces it for political reasons.

There is more here, like negotiating with Iran and the fact that ISIS has American Stinger missiles. But it should be obvious to everyone that the country and our allies would be better off if our President learned to be a little more circumspect with his speech. After all, loose lips don't just sink ships. They also sink presidencies.

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