Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Random Thoughts - Thirty-Seven

Barack wants to control carbon dioxide emissions. So I have an idea that is just as good as any of his. Everyone in the United States, just hold your breath for thirty seconds, once an hour. That will amount to twelve minutes a day that you are not exhaling that evil CO2. I'm expecting a Presidential medal for this idea.

There are people thinking that Hillary may run for President. (I don't think that she will.) Some even think that she could win. (I pray every day that she won't.) But, if she does, and if she should, our present President will hear a familiar refrain. For as long as she remains in office, when bad things happen, all we will hear is, "it's Obama's fault, I inherited these problems". Payback is a bitch.

I have opined that Michelle may run for President. Some are saying now that Senator may suit her. I just wonder where she might carpet bag off to. But if she should become a United States Senator, I think that she will learn fro Hillary's mistake. I doubt that she would ever give up, what I consider the best job in the world, to take a time limited appointed office subject to the whims of a politician. Cabinet post or not.

I saw a commentator from Fox Business News touting how things are looking better because 217,000 jobs were created in May. I would have expected better insight from an FBN person. The published unemployment figures remained the same. The economy shrank. The participation rate decreased. Middle class salaries decreased. Most jobs created were part time or low wage. In six years there has been no recovery. None. As I am wont to say, "the economy is still bouncing along the bottom of dismal swamp".

Just an opinion but, the Fed is still going strong on quantitative easing. I have always thought that they would, until after this years election to help Obama and the Democrats. After the election, all bets are off. The Bernanke Bubble gets a little bigger every day. When it blows, a lot of people that cannot afford it, will be hurt. A lot of very rich people will get richer.

Does anybody but John Kerry, really believe that the Gitmo Five are going to spend the next year sitting around in a luxury apartment in Qatar and not be plotting how to kill more Americans? 

Happiness is a week without seeing Barack Obama's face on TV, saying words.

Anyone planning a Mexican vacation should cancel. All tourism to Mexico should cease as long as Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is held prisoner. Hit them in the pocketbook and he'll be home. It disgusts me that our government can't or won't protect our citizens. Obama has turned into the"Little Engine that Can't".

Wendy Davis, Democrat from Texas says that Republicans don't like anybody that doesn't look like them. I used to be a Republican and I can state unequivocally that that is untrue. What I have observed is that Democrats and liberals in general, despise anyone that doesn't think like them. No opposing opinions allowed or we will destroy you.

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