Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mal, Mis, Non

Let me introduce you to the feasance triplets. Malfeasance, intentionally doing wrong in performance of your duties; misfeasance, making an error in the performance of duties; and nonfeasance, ignoring your duties. These three together are the bulwark of the Obama policy machine, whether foreign or domestic. 

Obama's term in office has been fraught with scandal. Think back, when have we ever been exposed to a Presidency so tangled in controversy. Every administration gets caught up in one or two, but this has been a week by week, continuous parade. The Democrat talking heads and professional spinners would have you believe that all this is nothing but Republican grandstanding. That is so much, not so.

It is just that every administration action seems to be controlled by one of the feasance triplets.

Let's look at the latest and most despicable. That is the VA scandal. The Obama people were warned during the transition that terrible thing were happening. Obama even made speeches acknowledging the mismanagement. He put Eric Shinseki in charge to fix the problem. Nonfeasance immediately stepped in and took over the situation. In other words it languished for over five years with no attempt to make things right. The triplets rule.

Let's go back in time to one of the first scandals, "Fast and Furious". The ATF had a plan. They would allow firearms to be smuggled into Mexico and track them to their destination. In spite of claims to the contrary, you can be sure folks up the administrative line, signed off on this. But then misfeasance took over. Nobody bothered to bring the Mexican government into the plan. Then nobody remembered that they were supposed to track the firearms. They disappeared into the hands of Mexican cartels. Good Americans died. Once again, the triplits rule. 

The triplets biggest contribution was Benghazi.  All three of the triplets made contributions here. Malfeasance took over when Ambassador Stevens asked for an increase in security and it was not granted. Misfeasance took him from his embassy in Tripoli to Benghazi in the first place. Nonfeasance prevented any serious attempt to rescue the four that were abandoned to be murdered, and continues to prevent the capture of the guilty jihadists. 

Yessir, when you build policy around the feasance triplets so many things can happen. But none of them good.

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