Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Important Ammendment

Don't get me wrong, almost all of the amendments to the Constitution are important. Not so much the eighteenth amendment, known as the Volstead Act. But in particular, the Bill of Rights, our first ten Amendments, are as important as the body of the Constitution itself

I believe the framers wrote those amendments as our individual and personal rights, and in the order that they felt was most important. Freedom of speech and religion first in importance and the right to keep and bear arms second.

Today, in our present society, I think that the Second Amendment may be even more important than the others. I believe this for two reasons. Both reasons are rooted in a government grown too big and too powerful. We have a government today that seems to be turning against the citizens in a quest for power and control.

My first reason is that the First Amendment is under attack in at least three ways. The first way is political speech. More seriously, conservative political speech. There is a view in the left wing establishment that liberal political speech is informative while conservative political speech is evil. For my part, I believe just the opposite. But I also believe, as do most conservatives, that everybody, including groups and corporations, have a right to use the political soapbox. 

Also under fire is the right to freedom of religion. But only Christian faiths seem to be under attack. The country was founded on Judeo-Christian philosophy. But that is being beaten upon by the loud whining voice of atheists. They are the most easily offended group that has ever lived. They make the princess of "The Princess and the Pea" fame look like the contestants in a tough guy competition. Those that are so quick to take offense should go to a spa. Get a soothing wrap, and get over it. Let everyone that wishes have their memorials in the town square. If your group has none, go find something to believe in. It will do you good.

Equally troubling is the penchant in government lately to go after reporters through legal means. Not the administrations tame house pets of course, but the reporter that are willing to dig rather than sit like good puppies, waiting for a treat. Liberals seem not to like hard news. Fair and balanced is not their preference.

The one real protection that us proles have against an over weaning government, is the Second Amendment, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Far, far, to many people that should know better are lined up against this right from inside government, outside government, and even from the UN. I have never been a conspiracy nut, but this stinks of organized trouble making. Along with all of this, Barack Obama has quietly built his domestic army as he promised after election. This is about his only promise that he has fulfilled. So he has the ability to call out someplace over one hundred thousand trained warriors, with fully automatic military rifles and .40 caliber autoloading pistols, billions of rounds of ammunition, and twenty-five thousand armored personnel carriers. 

We are a country that may be in more serious trouble than what we know. We must preserve our rights as they were given to us.  As frustrating as it may be, we must try to bring understanding to those that are uninformed. But most of all, we must stand fast as Americans. That is why, today, the Second Amendment is most important. It allows free men to preserve the rest.

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