Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Random Thoughts - Thirty-Eight

Avoid a Harvard and Princeton education. It hasn't worked out well for Michelle Obama. They didn't teach her basic nutrition nor family raising techniques. I thought most folks learned this stuff before they went to college. I don't remember any courses like that in college catalogs. They also, apparently, never taught her history. She told a bunch of immigrants that the Founding Fathers were not born in America. Sorry Michelle, you flunk.

Will someone please pass the word to Elijah Cummings that, when he covers up for the Obama administration in the House Oversight Committee, it makes him look corrupt and uninterested in good government. I really think Elijah is better than that.

I read where the invertebrate collection at the National Zoo is closing. What will they do with all those Congress persons?

So we are sending three hundred "advisers" into Iraq. Is this beyond the Marines being sent to the embassy? This is not under a Status of Forces Agreement. Will their legal rights be protected if they must protect themselves? We have walked away from Iraq once. I see no reason to go back. Especially not for Nuri al Malaki. I can't help but think this will end badly. 

Remember the VA scandal. As far as I can glean, they are still dithering and the vets are still going without care. Hey, with all the fund raising and golf, who can keep track.....

Remember Benghazi. Their still trying to keep as much of that covered up as they can. Hillary is in a killer frenzy of denial. (No pun intended. But if the shoe fits...)

Remember Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi. He still languishes in a Mexican prison. It seems that his Commander in Chief is perfectly willing to leave him behind. Maybe if he converted to Islam, Obama would take notice. But I have a suggestion. The next time the Mexican Military crosses our border, which they do, frequently, round them up and throw them in one of our prisons.  

I predict that any day now, Obama will realize that we still need jobs and he will make it his main focus for the fifteenth time. Or is it the sixteenth? But they will work twenty-four hours a day to get this done. Yawn. Same old, same old.

Futbol, boring. Football, exciting. The Worlds Cup of dull. Just saying.

There is a good chance that the Fundamentalist Muslims are going to get their Caliphate. If they do succeed, two things will happen. They will expand it at every opportunity. They have an understanding of incrementalism that we seem to lack. If they can gain an acre they will take it and be thankful. The other thing is, that it will become ground zero for the training and exportation of terrorists. Just think, with a substantial home base and centralized facilities, how much better they can train their monsters. Be prepared.

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