Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Random Thoughts - Thirty-Nine

I know it is soon for another Random Thoughts, but with all the big things front and center we need to spread our focus.

Whoever banned members of the American military from receiving bibles from the Gideons and whoever is requiring them to celebrate Ramadan, should be drummed out of whatever office they hold. They are a disgrace to the heritage of this country.

Liberals hate Fox News because they broadcast news that liberals don't want to hear. But liberals love The Daily Beast, which bears about as much resemblance to a real newspaper as The Onion.

I made a comment to a news article. I do that frequently. My comment was about revisionist history and how spinners and a subservient press hide the real history. I received a response that facts are "stubborn things". But they are only stubborn to those that seek them. Far too many are willing to accept what they are told to think.

So the GNP is a negative 2.9% in the first quarter. That's quite a recovery that we are having after six years. The administration is bragging about job creation but we are down about a million jobs net. Increases are not keeping up with layoffs, never mind new entrants to the workplace and those coming across our southern border. Check the Participation Rate. Here's a clue, liberal economics don't work.

Please don't loose sight of the VA calamity. The administration appears to be more interested in trying to avoid blame than taking proper care of these heroes. Obama claims that he can do about anything with his pen and his phone. Why can't he fix this. Just issue cards like they do for medicare and let these people get the treatment they need and deserve in any facility.

Speaking of our southern border. We have the makings of a true American tragedy. Children are flooding across into our country without supervision, food, clothing, a place to stay, command of the language, and not enough understanding to avoid the wolves in sheep's clothing. This will end up as calamity for far too many of these kids. They will be preyed upon by the worst of our society. Some will be sold like sides of beef. Some are already gang members. Others will be recruited. An inordinate number will end up on the streets doing whatever they must to survive. This is all on Barack Obama.

I have never seen my country in worse condition. I lived through WWII and even with the war and rationing and all the other misery, we were one country pulling together. Our heroes were honored. People were civil. We can and will recover. We need people that will put the country in reverse gear and back us out of our failed attempt toward socialism. It didn't work in Russia. I didn't work in  China. It didn't work in Cuba. It is failing in Venezuela. It will never work here.

PS: Never forget Benghazi!

PPS: Our courageous Marine hero is still a prisoner in Mexico. What is wrong with our government?

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