Friday, June 6, 2014

They Won, We Lost

I'll bet you have an opinion on this Bergdahl mess. By now, I would think that everyone in the world has an opinion. If you are a devout and Kool-aid drinking liberal, I am sure you believe the Sainted, Lord of the Universe, Barack the First, worked wonders saving that sick young man from the horrors of imprisonment. 

If you are reading this while waiting for Duck Dynasty to come on, You are probably thinking, the fool Obama screwed up again. How much more can we stand?

But let's think about how it is perceived in other parts of the world. Those innumerable parts of the world where the United States is no longer loved nor trusted. Where our President is seen as a light weight political opportunist.

Even in this country only between thirty and forty percent express any faith in Obama's competence. In the rest of the world it gets worse. Much worse.

So how do they see it? It has been made public that Bergdahl walked off of his post and sought out the Taliban. People see that as deserting and joining the opposition. He had already started learning Pashto before he walked off. Once with the Taliban he continued his learning. Some say he aided the Taliban in bomb making and tactics. He grew a beard that appears the he groomed in the Islamic manner. The world sees him as a convert. And he may have been.

To get this non-entity back, Obama made a deal. The five top Taliban leaders, the men the Taliban demanded, some accused of "crimes against humanity", would be returned to the Muslim world. We would then continue drawing down our troops. Aggressive action would cease. We would withdraw. 

The "convert", if he is such, would return to the United States. If he were to come home free, he could work to convert others. If he went to military prison, he could work to convert others there. Understand, the prisons are a great source for Islamic conversion. There are Imams and Islamic groups working in almost all prisons in this country. Or maybe as a mujaheddin, he sacrificed to go home to get those the Taliban values most released. 

So the United States gave them back their leaders and continue to withdraw. They won. We lost.

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