Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Crisis Of The Week Club

I call this meeting of the crisis of the week club to order. We have a crisis. As we get closer to election, Obama is accelerating. We are now at a two crisis a week pace. I believe his theory is that if enough crises are occurring, our brains will just get numb and we won't notice. This has already happened with a large chunk of the press.

Now, to put kidding aside and get serious, starting last week we had two crises grow to nuclear proportions. What is happening in Iraq is a tragedy for them and a tragedy for us. When one wishes to end a war, one does not leave ones marbles on the ground and walk away. Especially with someone like Nuri al-Malaki in charge. A wise man would have brought the Sunnis and the Kurds into a Shia led government so everyone had an ownership stake. Al-Malaki is not a wise man. 

For years Shias suffered under Sunni rule. Al-Malaki in his quest to regain lost opportunity, has turned his country into a madhouse where violent murderers have control over the institution. If the United States government had properly negotiated a plan where they could have retained troops and assured stability, this would not be happening. The jihadists now see the seeds of their caliphate. Meanwhile Barack Obama is contemplating his navel or his third shot on the seventh hole or anything but the serious business of being President. This will not end soon and it will not end well.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world is an American tragedy that concerns me more than Iraq. That is because it is happening on our soil, in our name, and because it should not be happening. Who had the totally insane idea to allow thousands of unescorted children to come into this country from Central and South America. We are warehousing them with no real facilities. Without the ability to properly feed them or see to their health care. And without even the ability to properly protect them. They have created a supermarket for child predators. 

These poor children came here chasing a dream and are going to fall into a nightmare. The vain and incompetent that are trying to run our country at this point cannot blame this on Bush or some low level employee from Cincinnati or any where else but the Obama Administration. And I am certain that the blame deserves to go somewhere near the top.

The man that promised to calm the seas and convince the lion to lie down with the lamb, has brought nothing but division and chaos. I know that someday I will be proud of my country again. Just not right now. 

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