Thursday, June 12, 2014

Why Not Educate The Poor, Too

I have been fuming about the education system for some time now. It is messed up. OK, I'll come right out with it. Liberals have messed up the education system. The basis for the problem is how liberals look at a problem. Or even what they conceive of as a problem, even if none exist.

With liberals it is all about intentions and feelings and equality of results. With conservatives, it is all about end results. An example. When I was in school, each grade had three levels. They didn't label them but, you knew. The smart kids. The average kids. Those that either could not or would not keep up. That way people learned at their pace. Classes had fewer disruptions.

That was deemed unequal. Mix them up and place them by lot. Slow everyone down so no one gets left behind. But then they realized that some schools were better than others. A family that purchased a home based on school quality suddenly found their kids transported for an hour on a school bus to lesser quality schools. 

They equalized results all right. We have gone from first in education among nations to twelfth. How many of the liberals that pushed equality on the masses have their own children in private schools where scholars prevail.

There is an opportunity now to raise the level of education for poor children through school choice, charter schools, and magnet schools. New Orleans has done this as part of their rebuilding process after Katrina. From all reports it is working beautifully. Why not in every city? Because the liberal politicians are fighting it tooth and nail. They care more about bowing down to the Public Service Employees Union that feeds their campaign coffers than caring for our most deprived children.

If those kids got a decent education in decent schools with good teachers and we could ever get the American economy rolling again so those kids could get decent jobs, teen pregnancy rates would drop, crime would go down, the whole country would be better for it. As I said, it is not about dragging everybody down in the name of equality of results. It is about raising those willing and wanting and giving everyone equal opportunity to succeed.

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