Monday, June 9, 2014

Where The Hell Are The Patriots

You can be sure that I am not discussing the New England football team. I mean the people in Washington D.C. that we have entrusted to care for this country, it's Constitution, and it's citizens. I am not just referring to politicians here. I refer to aides, staff, government employees, and even talking heads.

Our employees in Washington should turn off the grinding wheel and stop grinding on their pitiful little axes. There is a country out there that is being brought to it's knees and becoming an international embarrassment. Those, that I address here, have allowed this to happen. They are the only ones, today, that can make it right.

We have an unskilled President, with delusions of grandeur, who is tearing up the Constitution, and usurping the powers given to a Congress that seems not to care. We have an Attorney General who is fixated on racial issues and is allowed to pick and choose the laws he wishes to enforce. We have a Senate that used to be the most respected deliberative body in the world that has been turned into the, Harry Reid is in charge, club. We have a House divided against itself that just fumbles and bumbles and accomplishes nothing of substance.

Civility is gone from our nations capitol, leaving a blood lust for power behind. The politics of personal destruction have become the order of the day. We have reached a sorry state when the Majority Leader of the Senate can, from the floor of the Senate, rage against and vilify American citizens who hold no elected office, and stand unchallenged in his scurrilous behavior.

As far as government employees go, those that work at the VA who feathered their own nest at the cost of the health and lives of our hero veterans are not patriots. They are craven criminals who should be prosecuted and jailed for their callous behavior. I just hope there is a reserved seat in hell waiting for each and every one of them.

Those employed by the IRS who allowed themselves to be turned into political thugs and enforcers by the members of the Democrat party are not patriots. They, and those in government that subverted them, should also pay a steep legal price. With an honest Department of Justice, the FBI would be all over them and we would be seeing perp walks every night on TV.

With the administration that is in place, nothing will change. Most of the denizens of Washington care more for personal power and their self-image of great importance, than they care about the country. They do not believe that the United States of America is any more than and area of land in which to reside. No better, no worse, than any other piece of land. 

They are so wrong!

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