Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Fixation On The Least Relevant

The administration, in concert, seems to spend the most time and energy on the very things that are least relevant to our survival and advancement as a country. What pointed me to finally reach this conclusion was a quote from John Kerry. I do not have the exact quote in front of me so I will paraphrase. He said, that going forward, he would see to it that we had more lesbian, bi-sexual, and trans-sexual ambassadors. Wouldn't it be better for the United States, if we had more capable ambassadors that were familiar their country of posting rather than political fund raisers that had never even visited the land they will be living in.

Equally in the administration's focus is protection for abortion and supplying birth control for women. As a Constitutional Constructionist, I opine that those two issues are not the business of the federal government. Does anyone remember "States Rights" anymore. Just in case you are not looking, both states rights and individual rights are being sucked into the slathering maw of  an overly rapacious federal monster, possibly never to be seen again. 

We have a government that would rather bow and scrape before foreign dictators than step back from the ideology of green energy. Some day we will have green energy. But not today. It won't be solar and it won't be wind. It will be a new technology. Possibly cold fusion. But in the meantime, we could be free and independent if the government focused on important issue of energy independence. 

For six years now the country has been waiting for jobs. The President has promised many times to make that his main focus. But now Obama has taken a big step in the workplace. He is promoting his new "flexible workplace policies". The essence of this is that people will be able to work less just because they want to. Just what companies need to succeed and grow. We need successful companies to expand and hire more workers. But who cares about that as long as the workers that are left vote left, so to speak.

The government is known for cooking the books to get the politically required results they need to deceive an under informed public. They do this with unemployment. They do this with cost of living. Now information is surfacing that NASA and NOAA may be cooking the books on global warming figures. It is well known that President Obama goes into raptures about global warming. I equate this with Don Quixote tilting at windmills. I guess that would make Joe Biden, Sancho Panza. It seems that those two esteemed and powerful four letter agencies may be adjusting their figures, not by real temperature readings, but by computer projected temperatures. Isn't that just ducky.

And finally, here is the ultimate in government irrelevancy. Unfortunately this is a state government initiative. But it is too good to pass up. Liberals in Minnesota have introduced and passed a bill to change the name of a fish from Asian carp (It is from Asia) to "invasive carp", because the original and correct name is "hurtful".

Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case.


  1. I don't see any comments on any of these articles, so far.
    That's not because these articles are unread -
    to the contrary, a lot of people see these.
    The reason why there are no comments visible to me
    (at least so far) on these articles is that once
    Cranky Conservative says it, there isn't anything
    left to add.
    This "fixation on the least relevant" is the PERFECT
    way to describe the Obama syndrome of poor administration.