Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Only Conclusion

First of all, I did not vote for Barack Obama. Either time. And it was not because I am a racist. It was because he promised to completely transform a country that I considered just fine as it was. Also listening to his speeches, his frequent interminable speeches, I heard nothing that would alter my opinion. Even beyond that, his overweening grandiosness about himself put me off. My BS detector was up in the red zone.

The public perception seemed to be that Obama was cool and Romney was not. So Obama won. The first inkling I had that we were in real trouble was when, and I'm paraphrasing here, he said to the Republicans, "I won, you didn't. It is going to be my way."

Now the Republicans represented almost fifty percent of the electorate. Presidents in the past, even when they had the controlling votes, were wise enough to keep the opposition party as part of the governmental process. In my lifetime this was the first time I had ever seen a President turn himself into an instant dictator. 

When Obama took office, the economy was down and jobs were badly needed. If the jobs were there the economy would soon follow. The new President said that he was going to make jobs his first priority. He proceeded to take no positive action that helped the jobs situation other than to say he was looking for "shovel ready projects". If you have ever spent time in the construction industry, you know that no such project exists.

Multiple times he has given lip service to focusing on jobs, but his every action, his every regulation, makes matters worse. So after more than five years the jobs market and the economy still deteriorate.

We were promised a great and wonderful new health care system that would build on what was good, eliminate the bad, and bring more citizens into the fold. After over five years our health care system has turned into a shambles. 

Obama promised that he could make the world love us. He could bring our allies closer and convince our enemies to take our collective hand. After more than five years, our allies distrust us and our enemies scorn us.

When he took office, Obama was told that the VA was mistreating our hero veterans. He promised to fix it. After more than five years it is worse than ever. 

We have seen more than five years of continuous scandals. Nothing like any of us has ever seen before. This is backed by a barrage of politics over country, and the complete denigration of the Constitution.

The country is worse off now than when Obama was elected. Badly so. The situation is too bad to be ignored, although some, including much of the press, seem determined to ignore it. Obama has to see and understand the direction in which the country is headed. A wise and just man would reverse his course and try to set things right. But our President continues on, not veering one bit from the course he set, even as our national pain increases.

So I have finally come to a conclusion. It is a conclusion that I have consciously avoided because it is unthinkable to me. But there it is. Releasing the Gitmo Five pushed me over the top. I can only conclude from what I see is that our sworn President is willfully doing harm to the country I love. And if I am right, I despise him for it.   

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