Monday, March 10, 2014

Honor Lost

I ran across this thought in a book that I am reading. "How can the search for truth be dishonorable?" I felt it should be paired up with another concept. How can attempting to quell the search for truth be honorable. 

House hearings on the IRS scandal and the Benghazi debacle have not gone well. Chairman Issa is trying to find the truth about the IRS and that is honorable. Unfortunately, there is a concerted effort to cover up this assault on political freedom by a powerful government agency. And that is, most certainly, dishonorable.

The hearings on Benghazi have been a litany of lies. Even after all this time every statement given in testimony must be parsed and examined in detail. In both cases there has been testimony in classified hearings that is hidden from the public. 

There is nothing now operational regarding Benghazi. The only damage coming from full and honest testimony would be political damage to those who mismanaged the situation and lied about it. Political damage that would be well earned. The same is true about the IRS scandal. The only reason to keep silent is to prevent public knowledge of the malfeasance of the politicians who would be our masters.

To cover up the truth, those that have a vested interest in silence have denigrated and insulted the Republicans that are doing the heavy work. Even to the extent that, when Representative Clyburn, in a fit of pique, went outside the House rules screaming in a public hearing, and Chairman Issa shut him off, Mr. Clyburn called him a racist. That is a soaring insult that comes too easily from the tongues of liberals. Cannot two people have a dispute on principle without skin color being brought into the argument. But the liberals have always been good at the politics of personal destruction. When the facts are against you and you have nothing to offer, call your opposition racist. It stops them in their tracks. The dishonor of such tactics does not seem to bother liberal establishment.

Something like sixty-eight percent of Americans would be happy to clear out Congress and start over with a new cast of characters. I can't say that I blame them. We have too many career politicians that feel that they are the entitled elite. It is time for term limits. Then, maybe, we can get some honor back.  

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