Monday, March 3, 2014

Cool Fails Again

I hope the American people have learned a lesson. It has been, and continues to be, a costly lesson. It has cost us both in terms of dollars and the American image around the world. The lesson, that I hope has been learned, is that cool doesn't cut it. It just doesn't get the job done.

A slim and trim candidate with a friendly smile and soaring rhetoric, and even with a little, smoked some dope, bad boy twist, is not what is needed to actually run a country. Solid experience and maturity always go much farther.

Are you, and your family, and your friends, better off today than you were five years ago? Few people can answer yes to that question. Five years ago we needed jobs. That was to be the first priority for the new administration. In spite of the way that the government number crunchers make it seem, we actually have fewer jobs available today. Five wasted years and we are still waiting for a "jobs recovery".

Are you confident in your health care? Some will get through this health care debacle just fine. The very lucky, the very rich, the chosen few, mostly politicians and union members will not suffer. The rest of us will inherit big problems not of our own making. American people going public with their problems are not liars, as the monstrous Harry Reid would have you believe. They are heroes that are making their private lives public to help stop a government over reach based on incompetence and agenda. 

And how is America looking on the international scene lately? Vladimir Putin, an ex KGB thug, has just run right over our President like an ant on the roadway. President Obama gets no respect because he hasn't earned any. The Ukraine had come so far. Their progress was astonishing. But President Putin sees them only as a target to be dragged back into the renewed USSR of his dreams. What countries would be next, should he succeed? Poland, Lithuania?

We have a new Presidential election coming up in 2016. It may seem like that is a long time. But we must start thinking now about where we want this country to go. As an independent, I have no real ax to grind. But I will make a few observations. Liberalism has failed. Abjectly. Once again Keynesian economics has failed as it always does. Cool has failed. There was never any real reason to think it would succeed. 

I would like to see a sitting Governor with a record of solid success as the Republican candidate. And the I would like to see every Republican obey the eleventh commandment and line up behind the candidate. Just take a page or six from the Democrat playbook. They know how to do hardball politics.

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