Friday, March 28, 2014

Taxation Without Representation

Back in 1773 in the little city of Boston in Massachusetts Colony the Tea Act was enacted by King George III. The citizens took umbrage at a tax they thought unfair saying that "taxation without representation is tyranny". Then came the Boston Tea Party, the Revolutionary War, and freedom for the thirteen colonies.

As is said, that was then, this is now. The tea tax was a mere ten percent on one product. Imported tea. That small tax got them, literally, up in arms for the injustice of it because they were unrepresented and had no say in the process.

I hope those circumstances sound familiar to everyone that reads this column. The only difference between then and now is one of scope. We are much more badly treated today than the colonists were back then.

If you are under the illusion that you are represented in Washington because you vote in an election, you simply do not read enough news or you get it from poor sources. You, the American people, are not represented. Special interests are represented. The Sierra Club, green energy, the global warming fanatics, unions, CAIR, and more, all have the ear of politicians because they have money to buy that attention. 

That is why most politicians hate and denigrate the modern Tea Party. It represents ordinary people organizing for political power. But it is the power of numbers not dollars. These are people that are fed up with the abuse and profligate spending that Washington so loves. We need to do more. This is not a country in the twenty-first century that is inclined to take up arms. Although, I know some would be willing. But we do not need to throw up our hands.

Continue to organize. Small groups or large groups. Join together in coalitions. Make your presence known to the politicians as a unified bloc with targets. Visit them. Form goals and policies. Publish a mission statement.  Issue press releases. Be professional. Be passionate, but keep it sane. Do not give the opposition fodder to minimize you. They will do that without your assistance. Do good by doing it well.

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