Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry. Yes, here I go again. I said in my last blog that I am tired of writing about the Obamas. But the news forces my hand. I was lacking in ambition today. My bio-rhythms are down or something. But I started reading some of the afternoon news and........

It is bad enough, that the President is giving away the internet. It's worse that he spent more time studying college basketball than the international situation. Did he really think it was cute or funny that he's filling out March Madness brackets on TV while Putin is taking the Crimea? Now  ithas been announced that he is terminating the Tomahawk and Hellfire missile programs. These are two of the military's strongest tools for protecting our country.

The President swears to"preserve, protect, and defend" the Constitution. He and his able assistants in the Congress have done more to shred the Constitution then preserve it. The protect and defend seem to be a lost cause too. I know the man is a globalist, but he is still President of the United States, not president of the world. I am sure he would prefer that title. But I am here to say, that it will never happen. It appears that Putin is up for that job.

The Vatican is coming down on our misguided President. The Vatican's Chief Justice, Cardinal Raymond Burke, feels that Mr. Obama is hostile to Christian civilization. He has often gone against the celebration of Judeo-Christian traditions in this country and abroad while he is much more supportive of the Muslim faith, to the point where he welcomes representatives of the CAIR into the White House to offer him council. 

Even Jimmy Carter is coming down on Barrack. He is bemoaning the fact that Barack never calls him for advice. Truth be told, I wouldn't either. But Obama seeks advice from no one. Remember, this is the President the feels no strong need for daily security briefings. He probably uses that time to plan his daily instructive lecture to the American people.

Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan is backing President Putin in his venture into the Ukraine. This is a real slap to President Obama. The United States has given Karzai billions of dollars and way too many American lives keeping him afloat. But he turns around and supports the Russia that spent ten years blowing his country to pieces. Why? Because in that part of the world, strength is everything. You don't partner with a paper tiger.

The future is coming and we need to change our outlook on the management of our country. We can no longer afford an ideological or a feel good President. If you wouldn't want the candidate running your business, they should never be given a chance to run your country.

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