Monday, March 17, 2014

Another Jimmy Carter Moment

Once again our illustrious and all knowing President has quietly morphed into Jimmy Carter. On his own hook and with remarkably little publicity he is giving away another piece of American creativeness and what has become almost a part of the American psyche. He is foolishly giving away the Internet.

The internet was originally a military construct. It was expanded to the scientific community. And finally civilians brought it to where it is today. While it has always been American, we opened it up to the world. Because Americans believe in freedom the Internet has been kept free. Any censorship has been restricted to individual countries, such as China and Iran, within their own boarders.

Mr. Obama is putting the freedom of the Internet in dire peril with his liberal globalist outlook. When Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal in 1977 China stepped in to build massive ports at both ends of the Canal giving them control over the flow of traffic. 

We are looking at another exhibition of liberal ideology trumping the good of the American people. There has been no Congressional debate. There is no bill to vote on. After all, we have an imperial President with a pen and a phone.

So, what is the future of the Internet? No one knows for sure. I will say this, placed in international hands, sometime in the future something bad will happen and we will lose the internet as we know it today. 

This administration and liberals in general are far too willing to sign international treaties that sacrifice our rights, our freedoms, our laws, and even our Constitution. By the time these actions prove truly harmful the malefactors that signed a chunk of America away, are out of office and free from retribution. And Americans trudge on cursing their name.

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