Friday, March 21, 2014

The un-President

Barack Obama has become the un-President. He won the Presidency with people chanting, "Yes we can". Now people just mumble, "no he can't". In fact, the only thing he seems to be able to do is to restrict the freedom of the American people in glorification of his liberal ideals.

Obamacare was passed through a unilateral power grab and a series of lies. I can think of no statement that was made in the initial stages of building Obamacare that was true. I do not even think that Obamacare was the ultimate end to this ugly lesson in the economics of health care. Obamacare was made to fail. The ultimate target was single payer. The whole country on medicaid.

Why? Why would the Democrats go through all this to get single payer? While they will tell you it is because they think health care is a right and it is the duty of the government to supply it, that is not the answer. Just think of the amount of money that goes into the healthcare system each year. Now think of that money in the hands of politicians. They will think they hit the glory hole.

The money will be spent. But where? Green projects. Crony capitalism. Picking favorites on the road to success. But spending on medical care will go down. Payments to doctors and hospitals will go down. The quality of health care will go down. How un-Presidential.

When Benghazi was being attacked the President raced out of town on Air Force One, heading for a fund raiser on the west coast. It was a problem, but, hey, he has staff for that. First things first you know. While Putin is taking over the Crimea our President is doing his NCAA March Madness brackets. Priorities, priorities. How un-Presidential

Obama's first promise, even before he was elected, was that he would raise esteem for the United States around the world. And how has he attempted to do that? After he was elected he made the rounds of world leaders and bowed as deep as he could before them. Then he began irritating our strongest allies. He reneged on the anti-missile system agreement with Poland and the Czech Republic looking for a reset, whatever that might be with Russia. Remember how well that went! He lectured Germany. He insulted Great Britain. He explained to Israel how they should run their country. He kept moving the line in the sand for Iran. He did nothing about Syria. He handed Egypt over to the Muslim Brotherhood. And he stood back and watched Lybia with little interest. Quite a record. How un-Presidential.

His claimed transparency is a wall thicker than the old Iron curtain. He uses the IRS as a political weapon. He has written Presidential orders that are frightening. He will unilaterally use drones to kill. Just how bloody un-Presidential.

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