Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Modest Suggestion

In all humility, I have a modest suggestion to the Congress of the United States. Go home! Send all your aides over to K St. to find work with the lobbyists. Lock your offices and go home. You are useless. Individually and collectively bloody useless. Even Truman's do-nothing Congress was better than the entirely unesteemed 113th Congress.

The insane rantings of the Democrat leadership, Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid, are becoming a bit frightening. I hope someone is keeping sharp objects away from them. I'm sure a vacation, maybe two or three years would be very helpful,

All I hear from the Republican leadership, Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell, is the sound of silence. Their brains appear to be stuck in the Reagan era and in a love affair with the status quo. It is time for the old guard to find someplace else to guard.

All of you of both parties should be ashamed. You have an out of control President that is stealing the rights, power, and privilege of Congress and the lot of you stand by and let it happen. That is not exactly protecting and defending the Constitution as you all have sworn to do. Could not you senior Democrats have had a quiet conversation with Mr. Obama early on, when this started. If he was intractable you could have reached across the aisle for some help. That may have prevented the series of messes that we look back on with great derision.

Even though, five years ago, the obvious problems were jobs and the economy, you wouldn't focus. Like kindergartners in the sandbox, you had to play with every toy there. Well we still need jobs. The economy is still scraping bottom. The health care system is a mess. We are spending ourselves into oblivion. So what is the cure? Harry Reid standing at a podium, blaming everything on the Republicans. While Nancy Pelosi feels that the most important issue is that we call it "the Affordable Health Care Act" rather than Obamacare. Grab the deck chairs the Titanic is sinking.

Meanwhile on foreign shores, our well traveled first family are very busy saying inconsequential things the will cause neutral parties to laugh, our friends to slap their forehead, and our enemies to scoff as we become less and less important by the day.

You in Congress created the monster. You turned it loose. You can't restrain it. You don't earn your pay, so why should we pay you. Resign, go home, play golf or grow roses. Do something that amuses you. But stop screwing up my country.

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