Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Grouch That Stole the Senate

With apologies to Doctor Seuss, we have a serious problem. Pure evil walks afoot in Washington D.C.  And it's name is Harry Reid.

I do not like Mr. Reid. I do not like his attitude. I abhor the way he conducts the Senate's business in the name of the American people. He serves only Barack Obama and his own lust for power. And power he has. He wields it like a club.

The Democrats keep referring to the Republicans as the "party of no". If you are not paying attention, that is believable. Pay attention and truth may be revealed. It is the Constitutional job of Congress to counterbalance and control Presidential power. The trick is that both houses must cooperate to do this. Good old Harry blocks any attempt at this. And frankly, for some reason, the Democrats are content to have an imperial presidency usurping Congressional power, as long as it is their man in office.

In other words, any piece of legislation that has even one Republican fingerprint on it, is killed by Harry Reid before it sees the light of day. So ultimately, Harry is the person of no. So the loyal opposition is vilified by the Democrats and in the press because the only tool that the have left to show disagreement with administration policy is to block it.

There was a time when the United States Senate was considered to be the greatest deliberative body in the world. Those days are gone. I hope not forever. The process of moving things through the Senate was designed to be slow. The six year staggered term for Senators was to provide a majority of experienced lawmakers and a group that would overlap Presidential terms. It was the intent to allow debate until a solid consensus was formed.

Harry Reid has altered the rules of the Senate and acted as a ramrod rather than a leader. Both sides have been so alienated the the traditional collegiality has disappeared. Disparagement and vilification have been substituted for debate. These actions harm both the Senate and the country. The clock should be turned back to a better day when the good of the country came first. That will not happen with the grouch that stole the Senate


  1. In a better world Harry Reid would be rotting in prison.

    1. In a better world, there would be no Harry Reid.