Thursday, March 27, 2014

Three Hundred Thousand Criminals

To put an end to violent crime in Connecticut, the genius political class ignored those that actually perform heinous acts and instead turned three hundred thousand good honest citizens into criminals. They did this by criminalizing the ownership of something that was bought and possessed legally until that law was signed. 

As one might expect in a liberal state, they have decided to make AR15s illegal, referring to them as "assault rifles". Of course they are not assault rifles at all. A true assault rifle is capable of fully automatic operation. These civilian models are not so capable. One pull of the trigger gets you one shot just like every other civilian model rifle on the market. 

They are not a super powered military caliber capable of stopping a tank either. They shoot a common .223 caliber bullet that is often used by hunters for small game. I don't believe that that caliber is even legal to hunt deer in Connecticut. I know it is not in most states.

The politicians have two problems with the AR15. It looks scary to them because it is black and it has the same shape as the military version. Cosmetic appearance not withstanding, it is the same as any auto-loader with a nice pretty walnut stock that would seem to be OK with the powers that be.

The other problem is that magazines are available that hold ten or more rounds. Apparently politicians cannot fathom any reason for a person to need a weapon that can handle more than five shots. If questioned, the typical response is "if you can't hit a deer with five shots, you shouldn't be hunting". As pompous as that response is, I can't argue the logic. However, most weapons bought today are for home defense not hunting. If five people break into your house in a home invasion, I suspect that you would take great comfort in a thirty round magazine.

Guns are an easy target. Dealing with crazies and gang bangers is way more difficult. Most politicians don't like to do difficult. So turn your citizens into criminals with an ex post facto and probably unconstitutional law. Force them to rid themselves of expensive weapons that they have owned legally, leaving them less able to defend their families. I'm sure the public will thank you for it.

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