Monday, March 24, 2014

King Obama XVI and Michelle Antoinette

We humble peasants must grovel in the grandeur of our Emperor and his Lady.  Royalty has privilege and we are but to serve. If you do not believe me ask those that reside and have title to property on Martha's Vineyard.  They may have title to this property but real ownership resides with the Royal Family.

If a person has ownership they would be allowed free access to their land and the surrounding rights of way. On the Vineyard in August, all such rights revert to the Royal Family, practically shutting down the island for those two weeks when they arrive in summer.

I, honestly, get tired of writing about the Obamas. I comb the news to find other items of interest that I can opine upon. But it seems every time I watch the news on TV or read a newspaper on-line, something involving one of the Obamas catches my attention. And not in a good way.

Presidents deserve vacations. It is tough being penned up in the White House with all those amenities like butlers, aides, and chefs and a swimming pool besides. Michelle once likened it to being in prison. Wow, what a prison. But there is a hint of Louis XVI their means, methods, and attitude. 

Michelle's grand tour to China with mom and the girls at taxpayer expense is a little over the top. Did she list her daughters as senior advisers again, so that we covered their costs also. Stating that she seldom gets a chance to travel outside the United States made me think, poor little rich girl. Remember that big deal trip to Spain a short time ago. I'm just so sad for her.

Previous Presidents went on vacation. FDR had a family compound at Campo Bello, off the coast of Maine. Ike had Newport. JFK had the Cape and Newport. Reagan and W both had ranches. The point being, that a presidential vacation spot has to have extensive security and communications upgrades. Other Presidents returned for vacations to the same place with the expense occurring one time. Bush's ranch was often used as a quiet place to meet with other heads of state. 

The Obamas seem to enjoy luxury and variety too much to restrain themselves. The huge soirees at the White House are loaded with as many of the glitterati as they can squeeze in. While they are preaching to us to eat our vegetables, they are serving meals richer than all but the finest five star restaurants, along with wines that you will not find in your corner package store. 

Fewer Americans are employed than in the past four decades. Not years, decades! More Americans are receiving welfare than ever. More Americans are on food stamps than ever. Middle class salaries are decreasing. And our, would be, royal family shows no sign of tasteful restraint. "They can't afford bread? Let them eat cake". A phrase re-echoing through the halls of history.

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