Monday, November 30, 2015

The Sadness Of Nothing

I just read an article about someone named Howard Bryant, who is apparently a writer for ESPN, claiming that there is too much patriotism in sports today. Also, he apparently doesn't much like the police or military either. 

It seems that more and more people in today's America cannot deal with anything great and uplifting in their lives. It used to be that people cheered the military as the great protectors of the American way of life. We keep our freedoms because there are people committed to their defense.

Police today have a thankless and almost impossible job of keeping our streets safe while, it seems, the government is intent on crowding our cities with criminals and possibly even terrorists. Meanwhile there is an organized movement to weaken police because some do the job badly and some even criminally. 

People of faith are looked down on by the self-proclaimed intellectuals who see them as weak and gullible.

The police and the military have fallen on hard times due to political mismanagement. Both were and are great organizations that have served us well over the years. Our country would be chaos without them. One day we will get politicians that love our country more than their own power and we will see changes that are long needed take place.

We have always been a people that valued that which was uplifting in our lives. But somehow a nihilist doctrine has spread. All those things that once gave up pride, we are now told are wrong and old fashioned and boring and useless.

It appears that it is avant garde to worship the value of nothingness. To take pride only in personal acquisition. Tear down your city and your state and even your country as our President does at any opportunity.

But I value that which is uplifting, not the sadness of nothing. 

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