Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A War For The Feckless

One may wonder why Barack Obama, Al Gore, John Kerry, and their hordes of Flying Monkeys have declared war on "climate change". 

Oh, so many reasons. No boots on the ground. No expensive aircraft carriers and jet fighters to buy, so all that money can be spent on cool social programs. No military coffins to have to explain. And best of all it doesn't interfere with golf and vacations.

If you're are a liberal and running a really liberal administration, you can create your own monsters to rail against. The press, academia, and a good portion of the general populace will shout huzzahs and anoint you a god (or at least a king) for your efforts. As long as it either fits their preconceived notions or they find something in it for them.

Convince people that it is the greatest existential threat that mankind has ever seen or ever will see, and you can break any news cycle that suits your purpose. Turkey shoots down a Russian jet. "Well yes, but we must go to Paris and deal with climate change."

All those Syrian refugees that Obama wants to bring into the country. No problem. They are just friends that you haven't met yet. But have you seen what is happening to the polar ice caps? 

The bombing in Paris, nothing compared to CO2 levels. Shut down the coal mines.

But sometimes events catch up with you. Lately our kingly President reminds one more of a cat playing dodge-em on roller skates. History is closing in from all sides and what he would like to keep hidden is getting very public. 

All he wants is one more year and he can kick the proverbial can down the road to his successor. But if we should be attacked and American blood gets spilled on American soil, it is all on him. I cannot see how his legacy can possibly stand as things are today, but a terrorist attack here would be the crushing blow. He would have totally lost the "war for the feckless".

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