Monday, November 23, 2015

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Through the years when we were raising our family, we took possession of Thanksgiving. After breakfast was over, the kitchen was mine. I loved making the holiday dinner. I even had my own secret stuffing recipe.

The deal was that since I cooked, others cleaned up. When I cook a meal like that, I guarantee that every pot, pan, and most dishes will need washing. So, as you can see, I got the best of that deal.

As citizens of America and citizens of the free world we have so much to be thankful for. We control our own destiny. Those of us that desire to create our own life have the freedom to go where we choose and do what we choose. We marry according to our own wishes and, hopefully, rear children that will learn to love our country and our life, and bring it all to a new level.

We live in a time where there are many that would curtail our freedom. Unfortunately, some of these misguided creatures are our fellow countrymen. They have the strange idea that there can be too much freedom. That will never be true. Human freedom is God's greatest gift. From that freedom all other benefits flow. Those that try to control or enslave a truly free people will, ultimately, fail.

Through time, our family has joined with other families, so holiday celebrations have multiplied. So we won't be able to see all of our daughters, sons-in-law, and grand kids this Thanksgiving. We will join our oldest daughter's celebration. She does the traditional meal and does it very well. It will be a great day.

If you are living in the free world this week, especially in America, and you are angry and feel put upon. If you are boiling over with hatred for the freedom that we possess. You are wrong. You need to take control of your own life. If you are waiting for largesse or hoping to draw blood, thinking either one will bring happiness, you are misguided.

Thankfulness, love, and reverence for a higher power that makes all of that possible will bring the joy and contentment, along with the ability to create that better life. Anger, greed, and hatred will only drag one further into the abyss.

Have a happy and holy Thanksgiving all.

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