Monday, November 16, 2015

Random Thoughts - Seventy-Three

The cowardly fools that call themselves ISIS think think they are warriors because they attack unarmed women and children with assault rifles. There is no honor among them.

As I sit in my room writing, I hear Obama's voice from the TV in the living room. I don't even need to hear the words. I can tell from the tone that he is just droning on explaining that which we do not need him to explain. We get it. We just wish that he did.

Guns are illegal in Paris. Assault rifles, the real thing, not the liberal version of assault rifles, were used by these low lives. The French stood defenseless. But the liberals still wish to disarm good Americans. We have to ask ourselves why. I think most of Europe wishes they had their guns back now.

Did you ever notice that none of this stuff ever happens in Switzerland. They have universal military training and almost every house has a firearm and someone trained to use it.

Look closely at the pictures of the crowds of Muslim refugees leaving the Mideast for Europe and the USA. Almost all young men of military age and looking very fit. You might even see it as jihadists on parade. This is not going to get any better soon.

I'll say again. People, practice situational awareness when you are out and about. Stop texting and see what is around you. If you see something that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, clear the area. If you see real danger, shout and run. If you are not just a little paranoid, you don't understand the situation.

Aujourd'hui, nous sommes tous Parisienne. Pray for the people of Paris. We must stand with them, as they have with us since the Revolution. 

I just heard, compliments of my wife, that Obama thinks that the Boston Marathon bombers used crockpots. Really?

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