Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Brief Update

This is an update on my previous posting. Actually, it is more like some additional observations. I enjoy football. Since my Patriots were not playing Sunday, I watched the Saints-Giants game. I'm also a little bit of a Saints fan. 

Before the game, it was not unusual to see a player take a knee or bow their head. During the game a Saints player severely injured his leg. As he lay on the ground, in pain, being attended to by the Saints medical staff, players from both teams took a knee and were, obviously, offering prayers.

When players scored, many of those who carried the ball across the goal line, either took a knee or pointed upward in a gesture of thanks.

I heard no booing from the stands as prayers were offered. I saw no mass exodus of offended fans. I heard no diatribes by sports reporters on TV. Nor did I see any excoriating articles in the news. 

More important, I have heard of no threats by the ACLU to sue either the NFL Football or individual players. A single coach at an obscure high school game takes a private moment to exercise his Constitutional right and give thanks, and his world is brought down around him. You see, he is one man without resources. Low hanging fruit, as it were. 

But professional football is a harder target. Big, rich, organized men as part of a very wealthy sports organization that has it's own bevy of lawyers. So what it amounts to is that the ACLU are a bunch of legal bullies. They are willing to destroy the "little people" who can't fight back but can't handle someone their own size.

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