Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ethical Equivalency

We hear that one of the biggest problems with liberal philosophy is that they promote moral equivalency. A belief in satanism is equal to a belief in Christianity. Iran is a good as America. Illegal aliens are equal to citizens. And so on. And on. And on. 

But they also have a quiet belief in ethical equivalency. The by-laws of Hell's Angels is as important as the Ten Commandments. The Quran and the Bible are equal. Marriage has no true definition. It is adjustable to the needs of any minority that demands it. I read that a few days ago, three women all married each other.

We are having an ethical crisis in this country, perhaps the world. But I care about our own great United States. Let others heal their own ills. What is troubling is that the liberal social engineers have turned our children into laboratory animals. And that is not ethical.

Prepubescent children are a blank slate to these people. So when these kids start getting lectures in school about gay, lesbian, and transgender life styles, it confuses them because they don't even know what a sexual identity is at this point. Then they are told you don't have to be what you seem to be, you can make your choice from a menu. The hormones haven't kicked in yet so their body has yet to receive the biological clues it needs.

Then, about the time that those hormones start pumping, the schools start passing out condoms. Well if the school is passing them out, it must be right for us to use them. Right? Too much, too soon, with no ethical perspective.

Awards just for showing up. No mark lower than a C. Social promotion. Lax discipline both at home and in the schools. No sense of responsibility. Keeping troublemakers in class with those that are not yet lost. The litany goes on.

Then as the worst of these lost souls get older, when they find themselves in court or even in prison, they are put back out on the streets to re-offend.

We have to get back to the old ways. The new ways are just not cutting it. Rehang those Ten Commandment plaques in the schools. They are not just religious, they are historical. And they are good. Give kids responsibilities and make them stick. But above all, clean up the educational miasma. Our kids both need and deserve better.

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