Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Random Thoughts - Seventy-Four

It appears that our military intelligence gurus are altering their reports to make it fit the Presidents preconceived notions. It also seems that NOAA is playing loose with their findings to support the Presidents stand on "global warming" or "climate change" or whatever their latest catch phrase is. The Fed is keeping interest low to try to force the economy to recover in the face of bad policy. Our ex Secretary of State and would-be President has lied about almost everything and is facing a possible indictment. It must be so fun to be a Democrat running for office today.

In the face of new information, a person who is not willing to change their position is a fool. I still think that Donald Trump is too much bluster and insult to be a good President but as things shake out I am thinking that Chris Christie would be a good choice. He is tough, a little on the rough side, but he is smart and experienced. If he were the candidate with Rubio for veep, they would be hard to beat and it would also give Rubio the seasoning and experience for a later run.

I enjoy football and am a Patriots fan. But I watch other games too. The officiating in the last two Pats games had a definite aroma about it. My opinion, like the proverbial rotten fish, it starts from the head. The NFL needs new management.

By the way, it speaks well of Brady and Belicheck that, in spite of the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" in the form of injuries and insults, that they are ten and one. And I will never be convinced that, absent two bad calls in the last game, they would be eleven and zero.

I see that Russia has banned two of George Soros' groups. Would that we could do the same.

I do not know who are the biggest pantywaists, the poor little entitled babies that whine their way through college, being unprepared to face any new ideas or the reality that not everyone is nice and accommodating, or the weak and inane college officials who are willing to cuddle them and abolish free speech. These dolts will do really well in the real world. 

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