Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Nation Of Laws?

Throughout my whole life it has been a tenet of American citizenship that we are a nation of laws. "No one is above the law." In my civics classes in grade school through political science in college it was spoken of as the most natural state of civic life. All men (and women) are equal under the law.

Not so much any more. Lawlessness may not have started under the Obama administration, but they have certainly nursed it to full flower. There has been so much, it is hard to know where to start. "Fast and Furious" comes to mind. Encouraging guns to be bought illegally and shipped to drug cartels in Mexico. We will never know how many lives this has cost.

Then there was the conversion of the IRS into the enforcement arm of the Democrat National Committee. So many things just went on that Attorney General Holder would not see as illegal because they fit his and Barack Obama's agenda.

The ultimate low spot was the murderous attack on Benghazi and the lies told and supported by multiple minions of the administration. Then to put the cherry on the top they blamed, arrested, and allowed to languish in jail a small time film maker who was defenseless against the government juggernaut.

Illegal sanctuary cities, created by local governments, were allowed and encouraged. The Border Patrol was told to stand back and allow illegals to pass. Illegals that were caught were released by ICE. One of the candidates for the new head of the Border Patrol is a woman who is a vociferous supporter of sanctuary cities.

Then we have Hillary Clinton's blatant lies and illegal actions as Secretary of State. She is supposedly under investigation by the FBI. Damning evidence should not be hard to come by. There is no doubt in my mind that a felony case can be made. But will it? Only if the President decides it is to his advantage to take Hillary out of the Presidential race. If he makes that decision she is doomed.

Our present administration considers themselves and operates as an extra-legal entity. If the Congress won't do his bidding, a Presidential edict will get it done. If they won't pass a law have an agency pass a regulation. The hell with the Bill of Rights. There are way around everything if you are willing to ignore the Constitution. 

Right now, we are not a nation of laws. The administration and, particularly, the President are too power hungry and agenda driven. But nothing is forever. Many people seem to be catching on. Those of us that love and believe in the Constitution pray that it will be enough to force a change. 

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