Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Adoration of The Liberals

I admit that I adapted this title from "The Adoration of the Magi". That was the name of a  couple of paintings. One by Da Vinci and one by Boticelli. They showed the Three Wise Men with the baby Jesus. Wonderful works of art by great masters and a wonderful topic for the holiday season.

But there is little room for adoration of Jesus or of religion in general in liberal land. If they admit Jesus existed at all, he was, to them, a historical figure who preached around two thousand years ago. God is but a mere myth in liberal land.

So what do liberals adore? They adore power. The more power a liberal acquires the more he or she is adored in the liberal community. That is why, in spite of his innumerable failings, liberals in general and the press in particular love Barack Obama and continue to extol his virtues. I am sure that if liberals had saints, he would be one of them.

Liberals love politics. Politics is the wellspring from which all that is great and good in liberal land comes. And they do politics very well, indeed. It all stems from a burning need to control. Two areas, politics and teaching, give liberals the proverbial "thrill up their leg" as one of them, so succinctly, put it. Molding young minds to bring up the next generation of liberals, and having the political power to control those that have not yet seen the liberal light is their goal.

Liberals have convinced themselves that they are the best and the brightest. History tells us otherwise. But then they don't read history, they rewrite it. As they are sure that they are the intelligentsia, they have a compulsion to regulate, order, and control all phases of life. So because of their special position in the hierarchy of creation they allow themselves any means to their ends. Obfuscate, destroy peoples lives, rake a little off the top to finance their efforts, it's all good. They know what their brave new world will look like. 

So as people of religion and conservatives, we have an obligation. While we must be tolerant of them, we must beat them. We must bring back traditional freedom, strength, and honor. Our country and our good people are suffering. There is more hate on the streets than I have seen in my lifetime. The liberal agenda is failing and taking America with it. Anyone that can't see this is just not looking. 

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