Saturday, November 14, 2015


There has been no formal declaration of war. No country's planes have dropped bombs on American territory. No ICBMs have been launched against us. But do not make the same mistake that our ideologically driven President has made. We are at war and have been for some time. 

We have been attacked, France has been attacked, Sweden has been attacked, Germany has been attacked. We are in the midst of World War Three. Those that hear no evil and see no evil will not acknowledge the truth of this statement. They only recognize the traditional war of their youth.

We are involved in a new kind of war. We are being attacked by a political ideology with the face of a religion. The true believers know that they have been given a pass by their god to commit any atrocity at any time, at any place, against anyone. Even non-believer women and children.

There will never be battle lines drawn. Our enemy will never don uniforms. They fight by hiding among the lawful. They hide their faces with masks. They meet and plan in the protected sanctuaries of mosques. Their craven leaders send their misguided young into crowds with bombs strapped under their clothing to "martyr" themselves for Allah. They are promised paradise. If they get anything, they will get hell.

President Hollande of France made a fine speech last night. He promised to mobilize their forces and defeat the terrorists. Fine. I hope he does. I will not hold my breath waiting. But there is one great irony in this horrible situation. During WWII, it was Muslims that joined with Hitler against the Jews. Today it is those same Muslims that attack Germany.

There must be a coalition if the West is to survive with minimal damage. NATO forces and Russia must join together and be relentless. Those mosques that support political activity must be exempted from freedom of religion. Those that come into our country must be vetted. Our borders must be controlled.

This is a war that started over 1300 years ago. We are just entering into the latest phase. While our enemies still love their scimitars, they love dirty bombs even more. As has been said, "the price of freedom is constant vigilance".

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