Wednesday, November 18, 2015

And In Third Place

There was a time when the United States was the world leader. We fought wars. But they were wars against aggressors. We had to defeat Germany twice. We defeated Japan. We drove North Korea out of South Korea even though that war never technically ended. There  were missteps like Viet Nam. But we even won a cold war against the USSR.

In those days, the United States was the world leader and the President was the leader of the free world. The Senate was considered to be the greatest deliberative body in the world. We had a House of Representatives that, for the most part, looked to the needs of American citizens. 

Then the House eroded into Boehners boneheads. They became a rubber stamp for the President rather than the loyal opposition. Meanwhile evil Harry Reid and his more evil twin, Mitch Mcconnell, have turned the Senate into worlds greatest roadblock.

Through all of this the very confused American people decided we needed a "cool dude" with great pipes and a huge ego to be President. And thus it was so. Remember all those promises he made to get elected. The results have all been the opposite. And now because of the rise of ISIS among other things our country and the world is in greater danger than we have seen since WWII.

But we have a Commander-in-Chief who leads from behind and cannot speak the name of our enemy. They have declared war on us, but we will not declare war on them. Christians and conservatives are considered more dangerous than fundamental Islam. And our greatest threat is "global warming".

The world is always looking for a strong leader. Strength brings respect and trust. Vladimir Putin stepped right into that roll. He was riding a horse bareback while our guy was pedaling a ladies bicycle.

But then, out of a clear blue sky, comes a contender for second place. After the attack in Paris, with no hesitation, with no deep contemplation, Francois Hollande struck back. He showed his backbone and sent French jets in to destroy ISIS' base. With that action he took over number two position in the world leadership stakes.

And not very firmly ensconced as number three, "comfortable in the pocket", as he said, is Barack Obama. I don't quite get the football analogy. I doubt he ever played. Maybe saying, comfortable in the sand trap, would be more appropriate.  

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