Thursday, November 12, 2015

Celebration At Last

Back in 1980, Kool and the Gang, had a hit song called "Celebration". There is a line in the song - "A celebration to last throughout the years." That is what the Republicans have today.

I have been an ardent observer of the political scene since the days of FDR, with a primary interest in conservative politics. Never has the Republican party been so blessed in the candidate department as they are today.

From the days when both parties selected candidates in smoke filled rooms through the last election candidates were older, stodgy, white males who had done their time and obiesance. It became their turn to run through natural progression. Two elections ago, the Democrats veered from tradition and went with young and inexperienced. That isn't working out well.

This time the Republicans are giving us a full menu of potential candidates to select from. There are males and a female. There are Hispanics, white folk, and a black man. There are medical doctors. There are doctors of law. There are MBAs. They run from super rich to a little above average. There are traditional pols, young bulls, and outsiders. They range from a little conservative to very conservative.

The one qualification that they all have is that they are all extremely smart. They are all smart enough to know that they don't know everything. I think that even the blustery one gets that. So they will surround themselves with smart and qualified people. I find that reassuring.

One other common factor is that they all have big egos. That is not a bad thing if it is not overblown and narcissistic. One requires a big ego to have the confidence to make the big and and important decisions that a President must make on a daily basis. And they are all able and seem willing to stand up before the nation and explain their actions and decisions and bring the rest of us along.

I am looking forward to watching the shakeout process. The process so far has changed my ideas some. I wish that were also true of the press. Their minds were, largely, made up going in. They are selling the country short by their actions. I can only hope that they will break the mold and take a second look. That would be a celebration!

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