Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Return To Common Sense???

Am I mistaken, or is our populace suddenly having a return to common sense? Has the sweeping swerve to the left by liberals and the over-reaching policies of the Obama administration, along with the deterioration of our country, suddenly caused much of the population to appreciate personal freedom and despise government heavy handedness once again.

The "Sanctuary City" sheriff of San Francisco was voted out of office. In San Francisco none the less. In Texas, the locker room that you use will be decided by your plumbing and not your state of mind. Or your incipient weirdness. No legal pot in Ohio. You see, middle Americans have values. That thin air out in the Colorado Rockies seems to dilute that idea that some things are just wrong.

Kentucky voted in their first Republican Governor in four decades. The campaign against the Second Amendment failed in Virginia. One can only hope that these are harbingers of things to come. Our country cannot take much more of a beating.

Hillary Clinton's numbers are totally under water and many polls show her as a loser. Not that one should have much faith in early polls. Or polls at all, for that matter. She is old, shrill, and a proven liar. But for some very strange reason there are those that still support her. Apparently the fact that she is a woman is all the qualification needed.

It is still my opinion that at some point the President will turn the FBI hounds loose on her and Barack's mini-me will be trotted onto the world stage, much a Obama himself was eight years ago. He wants to protect his legacy. That will not happen under a President Hillary.

Most elections are finally decided by the low information voters. Those that stay informed pretty much split even on party lines. This is not a good thing. So maybe this time we have been damaged enough that more people will be truly concerned people. We may be able to save the country yet.

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