Saturday, July 25, 2015

Trump Card

Donald Trump is soaring. Like the trump card in bridge he takes the trick. There is no other candidate like him. He is big and loud and brash and super rich. But he is also smart and he is saying the things that trouble almost every man and woman in this country. He speaks to and for the majority of us out here in flyover country.

What he is not being, is dishonest and sneaky. He is leaving that for the career politicians inside the beltway. There are plenty of them there willing to pick up that cudgel. The worst of them lately have been the ancient and protected order of the Republican leadership. They are a shifty-eyed lot who speak conservative and bow down to the liberals. They have overstayed their welcome. But they control the money, therefore the power.

Trump can trump them. He doesn't need their money. He can buy and sell them. He doesn't need their consultants. He already has plenty of the best. He has a press that hangs on his every word hoping that his words will hang him. They have no love for him, but he is still great copy and sells papers, so to speak.

Should he be President? As exciting as he is, I say no. One reason that he is exciting is that he is excitable. That is not a trait that serves an American President well. A good President acts promptly when action is needed but with reason and reserve. Trump tends to heavily toward reaction rather than reason. Reserve isn't in his vocabulary.

Trump also tends to be a little bit of a bully. Remember his two favorite words. "You're fired." Especially in international politics, subterfuge gains one more than confrontation. I want to see manufacturing jobs come back to our country. I want to see America once again respected in the world. I want to see respect for our Constitution returned to Washington along with the balance of powers that our founders gave us.

These things will not happen with bulldozer tactics. People will not be bludgeoned into the proper response. There are a few good solid people out there that have the tools and are motivated to get it done. People that would be good for our country. But for now, it is so much fun to have Trump rattling the cage.  

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