Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nothing And Everything

I am not sure if this is a blog about everything or about nothing, today. I don't want to write about a specific topic because, frankly, I feel myself overwhelmed. I have seen good governance in this country, and I have seen bad. Never have I seen the, across the board, level of insanity that I see today.

It was crazy in the 60s because the population rose up against the Viet Namese war. It was a bad war micro-managed by politicians who had no idea what they were doing. It was the first war, but not the last, where lawyers were running things instead of warriors. It was destined for failure, and fail it did. Badly.

Then in the 70s the Iranians stormed the American embassy and held our people for over four hundred days. Jimmy Carter was frozen in place, not having the intestinal fortitude to take the necessary action to free our people. 

Later we had Watergate with Nixon and bombing aspirin factories with Clinton. Bush senior made a mistake that forced him to go into Kuwait to correct it. Bush the younger went into Iraq to finish the job his father didn't finish and had 9/11 piled on top of that.

There were crazy times. But nothing like the last seven years. There has been a new crash and burn sequence almost monthly. Look at the results. Nothing is getting done and everything is a mess.

If you have a Confederate flag, it is not to celebrate your southern heritage. You are a racist. If you disagree with any of the President's policies, you are also a racist. If you are against gay marriage, you are not a person of religious conviction. You are a bigot. But is OK to attack cops, Christians, and our Founding Fathers. Colleges now have micro-aggression, free speech zones, and white privilege.

Like Russia in the bad old days, liberals are going crazy, trying to rewrite history. Wanting to tear down statues and dig up graves. If they want to start that why don't they change the name on all of those buildings named after Robert Bird. That good Democrat who, for year, was the Grand Kleagle of the KKK.

The Constitution and law have become mere suggestions, while the IRS and the Justice department have become political hit men. Our, once proud, military is weakened by the day. The President now writes law, insults the Supreme Court, ignores the Congress, who accept his cavalier treatment, and shreds the Constitution.

The Middle East is a powder keg in constant turmoil. ISIS grows in power by the day. We have been manipulated into a very bad nuclear weapons pact with Iran. As of today, they are pretending we are now BFFs and trying to put room between us and Israel. I just know that this administration will believe them because, like the pact, they want it so bad.

So, ultimately, we are messing up about everything and we will end up with nothing.

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