Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Random Thoughts - Sixty-Five

If some people would trade in their - "Hey, I'm Offended" button for a "Hey, That's Funny" button, we would all be better off.

I remember in the early days of TV there were Irish comedians telling Irish jokes. There were Jewish comedians telling Jewish jokes. Everybody laughed. No one got their knickers in a twist. Actually, I was offended. No one told Welsh jokes. I guess we are inherently unfunny.

I read where Janet Yellen just wants to prevent an economic crisis during her tenure. I have news for her. We are in the middle of one. It has just been so long term, it has been accepted as the new reality.

So Hillary's plan to increase salaries for the middle class is to increase taxes on the rich and increase regulations. Isn't this what hasn't worked for the past seven years? Just dig the hole deeper. Don't they ever learn?

I see where the government is spending $300K to make engineering classes LGBTQ confirming. What? What does that even mean? I worked as an engineer most of my working life. I never knew that it was about sexual orientation. Hell, I don't even know what some of those initials  mean. But somehow I was still able to do power distribution design and machine control design and things worked. The only plumbing that engineers should be concerned about is the plumbing in a construction project.

Note to those who would rule us: Do not get any ideas about bailing out Greece. That is a European problem. Let them deal with it.

With the natural resources it has and a population of hard working people, Mexico should be one of the world's great nations. Instead, it remains a third world thugocracy. It is a true shame. 

Does anyone really believe that there is one drop of sincerity with Iran in these sham negotiations? Obama and Kerry are desperate for a legacy. They will accept any terms and claim victory. Iran cares nothing about a treaty other than getting the sanctions against them lifted. Once they have that they will do whatever they choose, ala North Korea, and we will look like fools.

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