Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I Like Mike

I like Mike Huckabee. He is smart, well spoken, and understands the issues. As a successful ex-Governor, he is a highly qualified candidate for President of the United States. If he were on the ballot, I would vote for him, with a smile on my face, knowing that I voted for a man that I respect.

Mr. Huckabee speaks plainly. He picks his words carefully and means what he says. That does not prevent the talking heads on TV from putting their own spin on it so they can act aghast at the impropriety of it all. By doing this they can hold another conservative's feet to the fire and try to embarrass him. Would that they were equally hard on liberals.

Mr. Huckabee said that the Iran agreement, that is not really a treaty, opens the oven doors preparing for a new holocaust. (I paraphrase.) And he is right. Remember one thing. Those that are ripping him know WWII and the holocaust only from history books.

I am going to repeat some personal history here. During WWII there were news papers and radio to give us the day-to-day stories of the war. The only way people that weren't fighting the war saw the hellacious misery of battle, was through Movietone News, which played between double features in the movie theaters. Through their battlefront films we were given a taste of the ugliness.

While I have never been to Auschwitz or Dachau or any of the other death camps, I remember vividly the images that I saw when our GIs liberated them. I remember the ovens and the trenches, filled with emaciated bodies. I remember equally emaciated prisoners,barely alive, clinging to the barbed wire, watching our soldiers marching in to set them free.

Now, picture this. Ten or twelve or fourteen years down the line. Time does not matter. A, now rich, Iran is free to expand their nuclear program. They have successfully miniaturized their warheads to fit on medium range missiles and ICBMs which they have built or bought.

Since 1979 they have poked and prodded the United States, found them feckless, and have no fear of reprisals. They launch their missiles at Israel. Nuclear missiles. Ten, a dozen, two dozen. As many as it takes to complete destruction. An hour before they launch on Israel, they launch ICBMs toward America's major cities with Electro-magnetic Pulse devices. Game, set, match.

If anything, Mr. Huckabee may have been too mild in his comments. But the appeasers will continue to appease and never name our enemy. All for the sake of a legacy. 

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