Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Tale Of Two Firearms

There are two bastions of liberal thought (yes I know that is an oxymoron) that were mentioned in this past week's news. The first was CNN. The first line of defense for left wing politicians. They have a warehouse full of softballs to toss to their favorites as soon as the camera is rolling and the mike is on.

The second is the, used to be great, city of San Francisco. The famed asylum city where local yokels have decided that federal law doesn't apply to them. In San Francisco, you have a right to be anything you want except Christian or conservative.

Lynne Russell is a former news anchor for CNN. She does not, however, fit their mold. She likes guns. She owns guns. And, apparently, she is willing to use a gun. She even married a guy who is ex Special Forces. 

They checked into a motel. While her husband showered, she went out to their car in a security patrolled parking lot. She was jumped by a thug with a gun and forced back into their room. So much for low end security. Hubby comes out of the shower. They manage to access their guns. One less thug in the world. Chalk another one up for the conservative point of view.

Meanwhile in, oh so protective, San Francisco, another thug, a vile animal who has been arrested six times and allowed to walk free, acquires a gun. One stolen from a federal agent. Said animal decides to use this gun to plink at seals, or so he claimed until he decided that the gun took on a life of it's own and just started shooting without his help. And he killed an innocent young woman walking with her father.

Another case where a sanctuary city protects everyone but those that they should protect. Meanwhile, our administration floods our streets with more thousands of these illegal criminals. And once again a legal firearm saved lives and an illegal one killed another innocent.

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