Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fun And Profit

I am old enough to remember when abortion was illegal. Young women, in those days, could be divided into four groups. There were those that abstained. There were those who took their chances and lived with the results. There were those who had connections and went to a hospital and had a D and C. For you younger folks, that is a Dilation and Curettage. What it was, in most cases an abortion in disguise. And there were those that were desperate and had a back room abortion. Many suffered badly for that choice.

I hate abortions. I wish no one ever had one. When used as a method of birth control, in my mind, it is borderline criminal. But because of those poor foolish women who risked their lives for an abortion performed by an amateur in unsanitary conditions, I could never object to it's legalization.

I never expected to see abortions become a giant industry that advertises and recruits. I never expected to see second and third trimester abortions. I never expected to see anything like those disgustingly vile partial birth abortions. I guess I am just naive. I never expected to see medical professionals so callus and hardened that destroying human fetuses was just a job that pays very well.

Through my life, I have done a fair amount of fishing. When I caught a fish that was worth keeping, I would carefully clean it and cut it up to get the most out of that fish. It provided a meal for my family. It was only a fish, but I treated that animal with more respect than has recently been shown by doctors providing abortion services. 

Although, I understand that it is illegal to sell human organs, there were doctors recorded blatantly discussing price levels in a party like atmosphere. Then discussions went on as to how best to destroy a human fetus and save the most salable parts. Remember many of these fetuses are in a viable or near viable state. 

This whole business has turned into something disgusting and reprehensible. The wholesale business of dealing in fetal human parts must be ended. It is no better than grave robbing.

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