Sunday, July 5, 2015

Thank God For The Red White and Blue

My wife and I have a long standing tradition for Independence Day. We stay home. I cook her a nice meal. Then we watch the concert and fireworks on TV. It makes for a pleasant, stress free, evening with patriotic entertainment and fireworks. One problem is that I know the words to all those great patriotic songs. It is kind of like that Minions poster. "Just because I can't sing, doesn't mean I won't sing."

So, this year we started with the show from Washington, DC. If you have listened to the news out of Washington lately you would surmise that there would be few people without protest signs, and anti-American petitions. You would expect Black Panthers, the KKK, and gays in outlandish costumes trying to disrupt the proceedings. I didn't even hear of any attacks on police.

What I did see was Americans that the politicians seem not to see. They were dressed in red, white, and blue. They were all races with all hues of skin color. They were smiling. They were dancing. They were singing along with the patriotic songs. They were cheering the military bands. 

Did they import these people from Kansas and tranquilize them. No, these were denizens of the Washington area being proud of their country and it's heritage. They were real Americans. 

When the show in Washington was over, I turned to the show of New York's celebration. I give them five stars for the best fireworks display. It was awesome. But this was New York. Most certainly something news worthy will happen to mar this show. But no! It was like Washington moved north. Young and old of all colors and faiths decked out in America's colors, singing and dancing and just having good old fashioned fun. They even cheered the cannons in  the 1812 Overture. Hey, who wouldn't?

So average people, from two of the most blase' and sophisticated cities in the world were being up close and personal with patriotism. As an avowed and proud jingoist, nothing could have made me happier. Mr. Obama, it is not your America. I hope you looked out your window last night to see the throngs. It is their America.

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