Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Newton said that "Objects in motion tend to stay in motion until acted upon by some outside force." Basic physics tells us that the bigger and heavier the object, the more energy has to be absorbed or added to change the energy level. That is why trucks have bigger engines and bigger brakes than cars. Most of us learned this in high school.

Now, think of the Earth as an object in motion. It moves through space. It orbits the sun. It spins on its axis. That is a lot of motion. It is also quite large at 8000 miles in diameter. I was going to give it's weight but there were just too many zeros to deal with.

On Earth we have vast oceans. We have huge masses of ice at the poles. We have deserts and mountains. We have great rivers and rain forests. There are weather controlling currents in the oceans as well as places like the Sargasso Sea that absorb sunlight and produce enormous amounts of plant and animal life. We have el Nino and la Nina as well as other weather making winds around the world. In other words, we have a huge mass with a gigantic amount of energy stored up. 

A number of years ago a researcher in England built a computer model based on his own private theories. He predicted "Global Warming" with all kinds of dire results. The fatalist clique jumped on board, led by that great intellectual Al Gore. Our own "Chicken Littles" were convinced that the sky was falling. They turned this into a religion that brooked no heresy.

In twenty-one years there has been no increase in temperature. In fact, we are told now that the sun is moving into a state of lowered activity and we may see, what has been called in the past, a "little ice age".

The Global Warming crowd, fearing ridicule and, worse yet, less government funding, changed the name of their religion to "Climate Change". Fewer hurricanes. Climate change. More snow. Climate change. Drought in California. Climate change. Who could be a doubter now? To show how bizarrely dedicated these people are, Martin O'malley, a Democrat candidate for President, stated that it was climate change that created ISIS. 

The fact is, there has always been climate change and always will be. It is the nature of complicated ecosystems to fluctuate. That is why that cold island to the north of us is called Greenland. When it was named it was much warmer than it is now and they could farm the land. That is also why we had an ice age where glaciers scooped out half of the lakes we enjoy so much in the northern hemisphere.

And all of this happened before those horrible SUVs were invented. Man's pathetic little efforts don't effect the overall situation one iota. It is good to care for our planet. We have to live here. But let's do the right things for the right reasons. There are smart people out there that know what is right and good. Listen to them, not the whack-a-doodles.

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