Monday, July 21, 2014

Help Stamp Out Thuggery

In case you hadn't noticed, the quality of life has been deteriorating lately. Not just in the United States but pretty much around the world. The problem is thugs. Actually groups of thugs. Sometimes they are referred to as gangs, like MS13 or the Bloods or the Crips. In Mexico there are cartels like the Zetas. But in Mexico it might even be a local police force or a rogue group of Federales.

In the old USSR, it was the KGB where Putin got his training. Many of the old KGB have left "government service" and have become the Russian Mafia with branches in many countries. For the traditional there are the tongs and the triads in the Orient. 

There are those that consider themselves religious armies like Boko Haram and ISIL in the Middle East. Let's not forget Al Qaeda and the Taliban. I think you get my point. The number of gangs and the population of gang members is growing all the time.

So what are their common points? They are angry, greedy, vicious, care not a whit about human life, and they are very well armed. In Chicago, a city with absolutely draconian gun laws, the gangs are better armed than the police.

The gangs have one more common point. The governments are afraid to take them on. Before the 1980s there was no MS13. They came out of nowhere and are now in every major city in the country. They do not "hide their bushel under a basket". Their very bodies are billboards of tatoos showing the world who they are. But in spite of their strut and swagger, the police and the politicians couldn't put an end to their existance before they took root.

We are still the strongest nation on the face of the Earth. We have a military. We have Obama's domestic standing army. We have the FBI. We have police forces and sheriff's departments covering the land. Not to mention Marshalls, DEA, ATF, etc. and we can't control gangs in the USA. That is beyond pathetic.

Until our politicians get a spine and demand an end to the gangs, quality of life will continue to sour. The gangs continue to get all the weapons they want and the politicians continue to try to disarm the honest citizens. Changes. We need changes. And we need them soon. I, for one, am tired of being on the losing side of this battle.

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